Winton Carnival
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Help us make our 12th anniversary...

...yet another great day!

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Become a Marshal

The Winton Carnival is coming up and we'd love it if you could help us out!

Every year, the carnival is run completely by volunteers, so we rely on your generous donations and help to make each year as good as it is!

Fill in this application form to apply for a marshal post at this year's carnival.





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Winton Carnival - 2017

Our weather record remains unbroken. For the ten years of the Winton Carnival it has always been good weather on the day!

More than six hundred people took part in the parade, fourteen different acts and bands appreared on stage and there were loads of stalls and attractions.

And we reckon everybody had a good time.

You got the chance to vote for your favourite entry in the Carnival Parade using our hi-tech electronic voting machine.

Winton's choice emerged as Ashleys Birthday Bank Charity. They were presented with the "best in Parade" trophy by BBC South's Steve Humphrey.

The Videos

Here's a video about the making of the carnival:

And here's one from Bob Edmonds


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The Organising Committee

The Carnival Committee members are Michelle Carroll (Chair), Angie Conway (Project manager & Treasurer), Lee Rasdal-Dove (Stage) , Matt King (Parade), Adas Sanyal (Media & PR), Dan Holbeche and Bob Staal (Promotion & Marketing).

L-R: Bob Staal, Michelle Carroll, Matt King, Pat Oakley, Angie Conway, Adas Sanyal.

And a huge thank you to our fab team of volunteer marshals, Dorset Police and especially the Winton SNT for their efforts in making this a safe and happy event.

By the community - for the community

Can you believe it? This event is not run by the council. Winton Carnival is a non-profit event run by very small group of local volunteers who want the best for their community and a day that Winton can be proud of - quite simply a day of fun to promote community spirit for YOU and everybody in Winton to enjoy. Its only aim is to make you feel happy! Isn't that what the world needs a bit more of?

Our thanks to our major sponsors

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