We are delighted to announce that our Carnival Queen this year is Mrs Sheila Sandison, a 92 year old pillar of the local community.

This is what was written about her by the person who nominated her…

Mrs Sandison is one of the most inspiring, well mannered, funny, lovely people I have ever met. We began caring for her husband about 5 years ago, but unfortunately he passed away, so we continued to provide care and support for her so she was able to maintain living independently at home – and the rest is history. She is a true friend to all the team at Bluebird Care Bournemouth.

Mrs Sandison is always the first to get involved with any activity we offer, or with anything that is happening throughout the community, and absolutely LOVES the interaction, atmosphere and ‘banter’. She is the true life and soul of the party, and loves to show her party trick to all and sundry – even at the impressive age of 92, she can still touch both her toes with ease! She recently accompanied us to a local primary school where she talked to the children about life as a school girl in the 1920s and what toys she used to play with. The children then showed her the toys they play with now – she was absolutely gobsmacked, and found modern toys VERY amusing!

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